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SOFICREO is an edtech atelier focused on the creation of digital products, that changes any experience and situation to the learning experience. By means of technologies, human touch and emotions.



We are edtech atelier, both we and our technological partner Touch4IT are focused on design, development and running of the applications forming human skills and knowledge through the experience. We are convinced that the future of learning by means of technology lies in the best humanity and in communication through emotionally stimulating contents.

Our apps are intended for children and adults alike. They enable fast and playful acquirement of skills and knowledge necessary for life. The main features of our apps are simplicity and efficiency – we create them to delight and educate their users.

Soficreo is composed of experts from various fields – designers, teachers, trainers, game experts, coaches, AR and VR experts, psychologists, developers, composers, artists and others.


Our products are intended for teachers of primary and secondary schools, as well as universities, for trainers, coaches, but also companies. The apps are a result of hundreds of hours of testing. We follow the motto: functionality + simplicity = satisfaction. We create intuitive educational apps that are easy to work with so that teachers and students can focus on what matters: a fast and playful acquirement of skills and knowledge.

01/ Teemea

Teemea is a learning experience platform making possible the creation of digital learning experience not only for the teacher or a coach, but also for students and members of working teams. It makes possible to change the individual experience, know-how or skills to online lectures, classes and settings, enabling learning anywhere and at any time both for children and adults by means of interactive and multimedial form.

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We are living in a demanding era. COVID-19 pandemic has changed the course of our lives in all possible areas. At Soficreo we believe that one of the most important human virtues is the ability to help one another. Therefore, we have decided to offer our educational platform Teemea to primary schools and high schools in Slovakia for free, during the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are convinced that Teemea will ease teachers and students to continue in the educational process and push it forward.

Are you representative of a primary school, or high school? Are you interested to use the Teemea platform for free?

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Our products are used by teachers of elementary schools, high schools and universities with different focus. Teemea offers a universal solution suitable for general schools, sports schools, art schools, language schools and others.


"Teemea offers a flexible system of steps, lessons and courses. It directly supports not just the methodical thinking of the teacher, but also visually and conceptually refreshes and dynamizes the educational process itself. Teemea definitely changes the dynamics of thought with an emphasis on abstraction and imagination. Also, it supports the cultivation of self-evaluation criteria and the discovering of one’s own limits."

Juraj Ezechiáš | Executive Director, Pablo


"Teemea presents an original and timeless platform in my own teaching process. It gives me the possibility to stay connected with my students remotely, track their progress, inspire them and support them in accomplishing their small goals and successes. Teemea is intuitive to control, inspirational in module-building, and motivating to grow."

Janette Motlová | Founder of Eduma, Lector of the Year 2017


"The platform is a part of our academy’s training process in the U9 and U12 categories. In this period, it helps us with the theoretical preparation and individual training in domestic environment. At the same time, for me as a coach it’s a space for communication and feedback for the players."

Vojtech Žitný | Director and Sports Coach, Rapid Trnava Sport Academy



Soficreo is an edtech atelier where we enthusiastically design digital products to create learning experience at any time and anywhere. Our team core consists of individuals who developed the projects from different areas valued on international level. Soficreo team was formed at the end of 2019 as edtech division design&softwarehouse Touch4IT.  From January, 2022 Soficreo has become the independent company, the edtech atelier and has started the new epoch of digital experience creation in cooperation with investors, experts and partners from different areas of technology, business and education.

Besides the basic team members, Soficreo is strengthened with the complete team of technological partner Touch4IT It includes more than 50 developers, designers and another experts. They successfully finished more than 160 projects.

Pavol Riška profilová fotografia
Pavol Riška
CEO, Co-Founder
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Rudolf Tesár
CVO, Founder
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CTO, Co-Founder

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