Our multilingual educational experience app helps educators teach learners in situations caused by emergencies, providing them with an excellent learning experience.


Next Generation Teaching and Learning

Our app is the perfect tool for both educators and learners. Live sessions with educators are supported by unique learning experience content with 24/7 availability. Key features include adaptive learning and collaborative many-to-many educational experiences. The app also provides community spaces designed for student engagement and peer-to-peer support.

soficreo app
soficreo app
soficreo app

As part of our solution, we offer all the necessary support for our clients:

  • We conduct in-depth analyses to identify and understand your specific needs.
  • We ensure our app is deployed quickly and integrates smoothly.
  • We provide comprehensive guidance for educators and all users.
  • We share valuable insights and proven best practices that accelerate your actions.

Get Early Access!

Lead the way in emergency education. Tell us about your needs in reaching learners affected by emergencies, and be among the first to leverage our app's capabilities to help them.

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